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Release date:
15th of February, 2015

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Yin Yang BANG BANG! is a challenging yet simple, two handed game. You play as the dots of a Yin Yang symbol on your quest to get as big as possible! You must absorb same color objects and avoid opposite color objects. The goal is to get as big and last as long as you can! But as you control your character with one hand you can use the other hand to tap any object to change their color. This two handed high accuracy game play is quite unique in the mobile marketplace, as is the inked visual art style. This game will not have any in app purchases (IAP) so that everyone is on a level playing field. So if someone beats your score, no excuses!


In April of 2014 John quit his 9-5 in order to follow his passion. He worked on his first game, Grumpy Monkey, while at his job in 2013. But after working on that it became harder and harder to do his day job. So as soon as he mustered up the courage, he said adios to the stable, comfortable job and hola to starving indie game deving! He started working on his next game Yin Yang BANG BANG right away... well after lounging around for a week enjoying not having to go to work everyday! But then right away he started working on Yin Yang BANG BANG. The idea behind it was to make a small simple game just to get the creative juices flowing for his new found career. But the game went through a lot of change and was getting a lot of love at local game meetups. So John doubled the timeline from three months to six months. It went from a side scrolling shooter, where when you were Yang you shot bullets and when you were Yin you used shields. But after many play tests, John thought "why shoot bullets with a button when your finger could be the thing that hits objects?" He scrapped over a month of code to switch it all around. What is left is a more pure gameplay that is fit specifically for the mobile environment, not a gameplay that is ported and fit into the mobile place.


  • Two handed intense gameplay
  • Two stage reactive gameplay
  • Online leaderboards that you can not pay for an advantage.
  • Grow Trees The More You Play!
  • Every aspect of the game is freaking fantastic!


Yin Yang BANG BANG Gameplay YouTube

Yin Yang BANG BANG Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Picked for the Indie Games Showcase at Boston Festival of Indie Games" Boston,MA 13 September, 2014
  • "Part of the Boston Forum Playtest Night 2014" Boston,MA 28 June, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "Yin Yang BANG BANG is a wonderful, painterly endless-runner with a solid mechanic."
    - Jacob Wood, Indie Hangover
  • "If you have been looking for a mobile game which emphasizes skill over buying in app boosters to rank higher, Yin Yang Bang Bang might just be the game you’re looking for."
    - Robin Baird, Game Breaker
  • "I was pleasantly surprised by Yin Yang Bang Bang’s aesthetic, and was blown away by the pacing and challenge."
    - Jeff Orloff, Just Press Start
  • "One of the most talked about games at the event."
    - James Playtest Night 2014,

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Yin Yang BANG BANG Credits

John Butler
Basiclly did everything, Moose Knuckle Games

Alicia Narava
Spell Checker, Best Friend, Moose Knuckle Games

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