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Based in Burlington, Vermont

Release date:
7th of November, 2013

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Grumpy Monkey is a blend of fun and easy game play, with a deep level for the hardcore gamer. It is set in a unique drawn art style and has a strong emphasis on visual beauty. You control a Monkey that is... Grumpy, and you throw stuff down at people. Water balloons are your main weapon but you also will get bananas to slow people down and the ultimate weapon any Monkey has... MONKEY POO!!! You can also complete tasks and unlock Snazzy Hats for the Monkey to wear that give him super awesome powers!


In the summer of 2012 John and 2 friends got together to make a game together. It didnt get past the intial brainstorm stage but the idea for Grumpy Monkey was formed. Months later on the 15th of November 2012 John saw that he could submit a game to the PAX Indie Showcase. So he got to work, learned programing and made a prototype in a month for the deadline of the 15th of December. It didnt get in but John just had one hell of a month filled with constent 16 hour work days. He was not about to just let that all go to waste. He spent the next 10 months finishing and polishing Grumpy Monkey for its eventual release on mobile platforms on November 7th 2013.


  • Throw balloons, bananas, and Monkey POOP!
  • COLLECT HATS that give the Monkey super rad powers!
  • Over a 100 Levels!
  • World changes based on your actions!
  • Uh, Monkey Poo. Need I say more


Grumpy Monkey Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Picked to exibit at the 1st Green Mountain Games Festival" Burlington VT, 23 Febuary, 2014
  • "Selected fot the 3rd annual Review Jam hosted by YoYo Games" the interwebs, 19 December, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Watching the scallywags scurry back and forth and get soaked thrills me."
    - the ch8t, YoYo Games Review Jam

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About Moose Knuckle Games

Moose Knuckle Games strives to innovate in an ever expanding sea of games. The most important aspect is the non traditional background in the gaming world and an intense passion to learn and create

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Grumpy Monkey Credits

John Butler
Basicly did everything, Moose Knuckle Games

Alicia Narava
Spell Checker, Scallywag voices, Moose Knuckle Games

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks